Friday, 10 April 2009

Hello Lijiang!

We arrived in Lijiang late on the evening of Tuesday 7th April. Having just sat on a not-so 豪华 (luxurious) '豪华大巴' (luxury coach) for the better part of nine hours, it was good to finally arrive in the place I had been talking about for months. Whilst I had tried to travel light, my Modern Tibetan-English dictionary (about four kilograms in itself!), together with my Manual of Standard Tibetan and some Naxi Dongba script dictionaries conspired to make long distance travel across China a bit more arduous than it might otherwise have been.

So it is that I have cast off the shackles of the daily commute, and left the grey skies of the UK far behind.

Goodbye Slough!

Hello Lijiang!

Now it's time to get properly settled in - here are my targets for the next month.

1) find a Dongba script teacher

2) find a Naxi language exchange partner

3) read the rest of the 封神演义

4) get up into the hills and do some walking!

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