Tuesday, 12 May 2009

meat + fire = broil/roast

Fresh from the Naxiology desk, comes the latest "interesting similarities between the Chinese and Dongba scripts" post.

Time for another ideogrammic compound - this time its meat + fire. Which, in Chinese, gives us 炙 zhi, and in Dongba we get bʏ˧ (Dongba on the left!).

Here we can again see the slightly more explicit, less stylised "pictographic" Dongba character, but the elements in the Chinese character are easily identifiable too.

The Dongba character is a little more complex, but (I think) easier to remember - and you can almost smell that meat!

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  1. haha.right. a lotta american friends of mine often use the sentence "draw a character" instead of "write a character" in their attempts to speak chinese. the pictographic nature of many chinese characters does serve as a nice way for those with a visual learning style when it comes to tackle down the writing of chinese characters. so maybe chinese writing system is even easier to acquire than the alphabatic ones? lol