Thursday, 7 May 2009

Quotes of the week, from Lijiang's local rag

Normally, I don't like local newspapers. And I used to work for one. But the Lijiang Weekly News 丽江新闻周报 has a few things going for it - well, on reflection one thing going for it - it's short. Whilst the news is excruciatingly local - this week there is a full page story on how some people are illegally crossing at a cordoned off pedestrian crossing (crimony!) - the back page has a neat 'quotes of the week' column. Here are a few (I especially like the Mencius one, mostly because it reminds me of the 三字经 and I'm a general fan of 典故):

Putting one's heart into running a company whilst at university is a form of fruitless masochism.
- Dean of the China People's University and doctoral supervisor, professor Ji Baocheng

China is already leading the field in terms of economic recovery
- Zhang Yutai, director of China's Development Research Centre

Practically all the housing constructed from the end of 2007 to 2008 cut corners on materials and labour
- a contractor reveals the shady side of China's real estate industry

We're even more exhausted than Mencius' mother
- the parents of a Beijing primary school student explain: "she [Mencius' mother] moved house three times to choose suitable neighbours for her son's upbringing, we have moved house to be next to a good school - but from primary school all the way to university, we're going to need to move more than three times..."

It is you who saved Nanjing! Nanjing!
- director Lu Chuan, referring to the general public's "unexpectedly" warm reception to his new film

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